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It’s the tail end of New York Fashion Week, and the vibrant street style scene certainly hasn’t disappointed. Celebrities, editors, and models have all shown up to the runways and presentations in their best ensembles, whether they embraced stealthy-chic style or flamboyant attire. Formal dresses red One of the best dressed men was Victor Vegas, who stood out from the pack in his houndstooth coats, patchwork jeans, and go-to braids.

Vegas is a true, hustling New York creative. The multihyphenate Indigenous model also casts for brands such as Awake NY and has his very own streetwear label, Primer Rebelde de America. With so many jobs in the fashion industry, it’s no surprise that he has killer personal style to boot. “My fashion mood is inspired by the books I’ve been reading, and the people I’ve been researching,” Vegas says of his wardrobe, citing Grace Coddington, Marc Jacobs, and Geronimo, the historical Apache leader and medicine man, as muses.

This week, Vegas embraced his fashion signatures. His closet fuses elements of vintage and streetwear—it’s heavy on pieces from Awake NY and his own brand, Primer—and the street style star says he experimented with combining textures and prints.  Cocktail long sleeve dresses “I’ve been wearing a lot of vintage military wear, and of course my classic vegan Docs,” he says. Luckily, the warmer-than-usual weather over the weekend made it easy for him to dress up and “[enjoy] the fresh atmosphere of the city,” he says. Given his fashion mood “is always New York,” his style has a recurring emphasis on “oversized suits and heavy layers.”

He made sure to watch out for those roomier elements on the runways as well. “I enjoyed the styling and big suit silhouettes from designers like Peter Do and Khaite,” he says. His favorite part of the busy week, however, was working on his own designs during his downtime. “I’ve got a collection I’ve been working on coming out soon and been sticking my head in all kinds of books,” he says. Cocktail dresses with long sleeves “I’ve been inspired by religious tropes and religion transformations. Really excited to show everyone.”

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