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On Sunday evening, country star Mickey Guyton had the special honor of performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, California. Going into the major event, her stylist, Memsor Kamarake, knew the whole world would be watching her—so he definitely felt the pressure to deliver a stellar fashion moment for the masses. “I knew it was going to be a major moment in her career,” says Kamarake. “The idea that she would stand out on the field was exactly what we were going for.”

Guyton and Kamarake landed on a patriotic ensemble for the affair, making sure to incorporate shades of red, white, and blue. The star wore a sharp-shouldered, floor-length gown by American designer Sergio Hudson. One shoulder formal dress Having previously dressed Vice President Kamala Harris and former first lady Michelle Obama, the designer is no stranger to dressing for a national platform. “I wanted to ensure that it was a designer who works primarily out of Los Angeles, since the game was here,” says Kamarake. “I also wanted to help showcase to the world the idea that this young brother is building a Black luxury brand.”

Kamarake and Guyton have worked together since August, and he wanted to continue the strong, refined aesthetic that they’ve been cultivating together.  “I would describe Mickey’s style as one of a quiet confidence,” says Kamarake. “There’s a certain effortlessness about the way she dresses and the way that I style her.” They favor strong silhouettes and a monochromatic color palette, and this strong sense of self also calls back to her debut album, Remember Her Name. “The album is a reflection of a woman stepping into her own, speaking her truth, and reflecting the life she lives as a Black woman in America singing country music—so I wanted to create a look that is true to her, rather than her trying to fit in.”

Even Guyton’s accessories on Super Bowl day had special significance. Kamarake styled her in Kendall Miles heels in the exact same shade of her cobalt-blue dress, and for jewelry, she wore diamond-drop earrings by Carlos Ricketts, and rings by YSE Jewelry. “We needed a little bit of the red for the red, white, and blue, and YSE had these fantastic enamel rings in 14-karat gold with a ruby in it,” says Kamarake. Guyton also wore a ring that was once Kamarake’s grandmother’s. Black long dresses with sleeves “The dress happened to be the exact color of a ring that my grandmother had given me,” he says. “It was one of the last things she gave me before I left Sierra Leone to study in London. It’s been my lucky talisman, and I wanted her to wear it.”

Flanking Guyton during her performance was a choir of 10 singers, all dressed by Kamarake as well. “We did them in a unifying color of white,” says Kamarake, “to show that the choir represents a larger cross-section of America.” Looking back on the grand spectacle of it all, the stylist says he’s proud of the historical fashion moment, and he’s glad they embraced glamor for it. “After looking at mood boards of past Super Bowl performances, [we noticed] there weren’t that many gowns,” says Kamarake. “We just thought, ‘Hey, this is Hollywood. Boho dress long sleeve’ Let’s give them a little razzle dazzle!”

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